Our 360 VR solution,
a versatile Sales
and Marketing Tool
Today, Hotels are concretely increasing their bookings with Touristtube’s innovative and active 360 VR solution.
In addition to gaining higher conversion online thanks to a unique user experience and an unrivaled 360 image quality, each hotel can make efficient B2B and B2C offline presentations with its customized Touristtube 360 application. Hotels will be making an annual subscription of US$1,000 (one thousand) a year, and will have the following offered services:
  • Provides a full 360-degree virtual tour, with a 20K and up to multi giga-pixels resolution,
  • Makes use of its progressive loading technology that adapts to the available bandwidth,
  • Takes unlimited images per hotel, with less than 24-hour shooting time per hotel,
  • Embedded links on tourist Tube’s servers for hotels’ 360-degree Virtual Tour,
  • Provides 360-degree virtual tour content for social media accounts,
  • Provides tailored offline tablet-adapted application for each hotel,
  • Provides full hosting of the 360 images at Tourist Tube platform,
  • Less than one month needed for full product delivery per hotel,
  • Provides free re-shoot for hotels in case of décor change,
  • Provides software updates and technical support.
After the 360 Photo-shoot, each hotel will receive, in less than 30 days from photo shoot date, embedded links for each 360-degree image, optimized and fully hosted on Touristtube's Cloud, using progressive-loading-engine technology to adjust media bit rates according to available internet bandwidth.
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